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We have the perfect Sweepstakes Leads for you! Our Sweepstakes Leads make impulse purchases, most of them have already used a sweepstakes contest.Our leads respond well to every type of telemarketing program.These players all have at least one major credit cards and they are ready to buy what you are selling!They will are ready to take whatever you have. Our telemarketing leads list guarantee money. You will always make a profit. We promise it. We have been in the telemarketing business for more than twenty years.we know how to find what you are looking for in Hard Copy Sweepstakes leads.We know what work for you because our Coupons are Guaranteed to make money Handwritten sweepstakes leads hard copy from USA, United Kingdom and Canada. When it comes to Leads, we make sure your files are yours, not sold to anyone else. Ensuring that you are the only one to make money from them. We know you are tired of buying Leads that aren't worth your purchase.  If you’re looking for new leads, you're at the right place. From Investment to Sales Leads we pride ourselves on freshness and having the best customer loyalty, here we promise you will be a customer for life. Nothing great happens suddenly, that's why we take the time to ensure that we have the highest quality of all the Leads in the industry. Our award winning customer service is 2nd to none. We promise you, our customers that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Also we deliver our Leads the most secure and efficient way possible. You will get your leads same day your payment in received. Guaranteed!!! Our area of expertise is Hand Written  Sweepstakes Leads,  mail order buyers and Sweepstakes Players who responded to a solicitation and provide their telephone  number, signature, address, with guarantee they are card holders.  These consumers have taken the step to enter into a sweepstake for money and prizes and paying up to $10-$20 or even more. So you know these are big players. We have the best leads in the industry. Our leads have the highest conversion rate in the business .We do not sell our Hand Written leads if more than 14 days has passed after the original signing, all of our leads hold credit cards. We will not sell your leads again to someone else, so that guarantees that you will walk away with all the money they offer.

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